To speak of a new timber vessel as a “copy” is misleading. If you mould a fibreglass boat, you can call it a copy. Making a vessel of timber is quite a different matter. In 1987, when measurements were taken for ULF, there were 339 measuring points. Each was plotted into a line drawing on a scale of 1:15. During the boatbuilding process, every measurement was adjusted by eye and joggle or tick stick/a malleable lath. When all the lines in the drawing lined up, the measuring points were converted to a table of offsets with a total of 189 measurements. All of these measurements were required to produce full-scale moulds (or templates) specifically for ULF but even then, the boatbuilder, using his eye and his tick stick, had the last word. Measurements are never final but only for guidance.

Table of offsets – measurements for ULF

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